The stunning Island of Rugia is Germany’s largest Isle. Year-in, year-out, it attracts countless visitors from all over the world.

The Moenchgut peninsula is located at the eastern end. The Island is home to the three villages of Sellin, Baabe, and Goehren and offers a paradise for those looking for vast, sandy white beaches and blissfully peaceful forests.

Baabe is located in the centre of the three villages and hence offers the best view over the entire bay.

Strandpark Baabe (which in English translates to ‘Baabe Beach Park’) offers 82 newly built vacation homes in Scandinavian woodhouse style which combine the independent versatility of a camping vacation with all the amenities of a good hotel.

Only a thin strip of trees and the dunes separate the houses from the beach of the Baltic Sea. Strandpark Baabe has undoubtedly one of the greatest locations on the entire German Baltic Sea.

It is recommended to book an available house as soon as possible as the the Strandpark does attract guests even in seasons elsewhere known as “low season”.

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