Strandpark Baabe is located on the Duenenweg in Baabe. You can best find it when coming from the mainland by following all the way to Stralsund either via national roads or via the motorway A20.

When approaching Stralsund you should choose the newly built 2nd Strelasund Querung, which is the largest bridge in Germany, for crossing over to the Island of Rugia.

Once you are on Rugia, It is just about 45 km to get to Baabe. Just follow the 96 towards Bergen, Binz, Sellin. Bergen comes first and you just basically sidepass it. The same you do with Binz, just leave it to your left when following towards Sellin.

Once in Sellin keep the tracks of the local steamtrain on your right and after two kilometres or so you have reached Baabe. When you see the Police station and the Volksbank turn left and you are on the Strandstrasse which leads you straight to the sea. Before getting wet just yet you should better turn right when the Strandstrasse finishes. That is the Duenenweg and you are almost there. On the left you can see the new House of guest where you can receive the card for the barrier. Here you should register yourself and your accompanying persons and pay the local spa taxes. Once you pass the barrier you will go through a different part of Baabe’s vacation area.

Strandpark begins where the nice Scandinavian wooden houses, painted in Red, Grey or Blue appear. Enjoy your stay.
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